(Students in grades 6-12)

Wednesday Evenings Weekly
Enter Door 6

Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Service: 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

Summer Hours remain the same

* Graduating seniors of the previous school year are able to continue attending Summer Northview Youth.

At Northview Church, we are passionate about raising up the next generation of leaders to impact their schools, homes, and workplaces for Jesus. Wednesday night services for junior and senior high provide a fun and relaxed environment where students can develop a strong foundation for a lifelong walk with Jesus. Our student ministry is built to help them develop healthy relationships and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus.


Northview Youth




We believe when students participate in events here at Northview YOUTH, they grow in their relationship with Jesus and in community with other students. Below you will find annual events happening throughout the year in which students are able to participate.
Click on each event title below to find out more!





Beginning in September each year, over 65 thousand students begin preparing their entries for the district and National Fine Arts Festivals. Fine Arts is a discipleship tool of the Assemblies of God Youth Ministries designed to help students discover, develop, and deploy their ministry gifts. Students may enter as many categories offered in seven main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.

Although competitive elements are present, providing a competition venue is not the primary mission of Fine Arts Festival.

The Fine Arts ministry is designed to help students discover and develop their gifts with the intention and hope that they will deploy them in their churches, schools, and communities. However, the Fine Arts process is not about the presentation—it's about discipleship. It’s about the process of becoming a fully-devoted follower of Jesus.

Discipleship also takes time, effort, energy, sacrifice, and intentionality. Take the time. Put forth the effort. Expend the energy. Make sacrifices. Be intentional about the journey of discipleship through the Fine Arts process. We all have been created to do good things. Glorifying God with our ministry gifts is good! And when we do good for everyone to see, people will praise God as a result (Matthew 5:16).

Through Fine Arts Festival, students are given the opportunity to have their skills evaluated by qualified leaders who encourage excellence, offer ideas for improvement and inspire students to use their gifts in the local church, their community and around the world in ministry or the marketplace. Scores are not as important as lessons learned, experience gained and skills developed.

For more information visit one of these websites:

North Dakota Fine Arts Festival | Rulebook

Where: Minot, ND

When: April 23rd-24th 2021

Who: Students in Grades 6 – 12


Registration Deadline: Registration is now closed


National Fine Arts Festival | Rulebook

Where: Orlando, FL

When: August 2021

Who: Students in Grades 6 – 12



Who: Youth groups with students that have completed grades 9-12 for the 2020-2021 school year and their Youth Pastor and/or Youth Leader.

What: Sharing the gospel in the inner-city of Chicago with Pastor Cal Thompson (Reach the Heart) and Pastor Charles Moodie (Chicago City Life Center) along with many other participants from across the U.S.A.

When: June 19-27, 2021

Where: Chicago City Life Center in the inner-city of Chicago, IL

Cost: $400.00 per participant if traveling with Northview Youth Group

Deadline: April 28th, 2021


In compliance with the safety standards set by the city of Chicago, proof of a negative COVID test or a COVID vaccination is required one week prior to the departure date.


Registration for Reach Chicago is now closed.
If you have questions, please contact the Northview Youth team at




  1. HEROES!
    Surround yourself with Christian adults whose words and lifestyle will challenge you to rise to a higher level.

    Energize your life with intense competition and crazy games.

    Worship without limits, and experience Jesus in an environment free of common distractions.

    Spend a week chill’n with your BFF’s, and meet new friends from around the state who are also choosing to be Jesus-followers.

    Break the boredom – make some memories – and experience the laughs that only camp can bring.


Basic Information


Junior High Camp:

WHEN: July 5-9, 2021

WHO: Grades 6-9*

Senior High Camp:

WHEN: July 12-16, 2021

WHO: Grades 9-12*

*Grades are based on the grade the student will be entering in the fall.

Students in grades 6 & 9 gave a choice of which camp to attend.

*Just graduated high school seniors are also welcome to attend senior high camp for their last year.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival: Registration for Youth Camps are: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM on Monday (first day of camp).

Dismissal: Dismissal for each camp is at noon on the last day of camp. We ask that all campers leave the grounds no later than 1:30pm.


Lakewood Park Bible Camp
220 Woodland Ave

Devils Lake, ND 58301



Early Registration Jr High and Sr High camps: $155 (must be postmarked by June 18 to qualify)

Late and At the Door Registration: $180


Registration for camp can be completed here. Registration must be completed at this link even if transportation is done through Northview Church.


If requesting transportation through Northview Church, complete the following registration for the camp attending (transportation through Northview is $15 per student)

Jr High Camp register here
Sr High Camp register here 


This event is specifically for youth (grades 6-12) and their adult youth leaders/sponsors.

Oct. 21-23 2021

Registration will be available this fall.

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FAQ's for Parents

Located on the right, you will find answers to the FAQ's we receive from parents. If you find we did not answer your question, please feel free to contact us!

It is my student's first time attending Northview Youth. How will they know where to go/what to do?

Students can enter Door 6 on the backside of our facility. Upon entering, your student will be greeted by some of our YOUTH leaders at our check in location. Each student that attends our Wednesday evening services must fill out a connection card with their name, address, phone number for themselves and a parent/guardian. 

After checking in, your student will be accompanied by a YOUTH leader or student to take a look around the gym where they will find games throughout different areas, a hang out area in the gym where they can do homework and our Northview Youth hallway for a quieter setting.

All students in grades 6-12 are together for one combined service where they get to experience a service full of fun, worship, a message from the Word that is focused on Jesus and small groups all geared to their age!
Service begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 7:45 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM for students that want to come early and hang out. Students are welcomed to stay after and hang out, but will be asked to leave by 9:00 PM.

How do I keep up with all that is happening with Northview Youth?

The best way to know what’s happening with Northview Youth is by following us on InstagramFacebook and/or YouTube. We’re constantly posting updates about what is happening, what is coming up and what we love the most: sharing what God is doing in the lives of students at Northview Youth!

We also have a newsletter that is emailed out each month that keeps you in the know of what’s going on. If you’re not already getting this newsletter, please contact us and leave your email address for us to send you our newsletter to.

How can I be involved with Northview Youth?

Northview Youth works because of the dedication and heart behind every one of our volunteers! We offer a variety of areas in which you can serve, such as student check-in, snack area,small groups, prayer team, chaperone for Northview Youth trips, tech team, and more.

To get started, we ask that every potential volunteer fills out a Volunteer Form (please connect with us to receive a form). Upon completion of the form, we ask that you seal the form in an envelope for confidentiality, and connect with our Northview Youth office to set up a meeting with our Northview Youth Pastor, Pastor Tate. At this meeting you will then hand in your volunteer application which will have a background check processed and hear the vision of this ministry and get to know Pastor Tate. Once the background check is processed and received, we will connect with you on a starting date.

Can I come with my student?

If you would like to check out a Northview Youth service with your student in person, stop by our student check-in desk and one of our Northview Youth Leaders will be happy to assist you.

You can always see past messages posted on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube before your visit.

Are students allowed to leave the building?

For their safety, once a student checks in at Northview Youth, we ask that they remain in the venue until the official dismissal from service is given. Once service is over, students are welcome to leave and meet their parents/guardians at your designated meeting place.

When are service times?

For all students in grades 6-12, they will get to experience a service full of fun, worship, a message from the Word that is focused on Jesus and small groups. Service begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 7:45 PM. All students are welcomed to come when doors open at 6:00 PM and we will leave the gym and Event Center open until 9:00 PM for students to spend time with their friends, peers and Northview Youth Leaders.

What time do special event services begin?

Here at Northview Youth, we have special events a few times each year: School Kick-Off, special guest speaker, Christmas Party, and Summer Kick-off.

The service time for Northview Youth Special Services run from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM (the same as our regular and summer services) on their specific Wednesday's that are announced. Doors open at 6:00 PM.

Do you have Northview Youth during the summer?


We have services every Wednesday of the summer (unless a cancelation is announced).

All Northview Youth students going into grades 6-8 in the fall are able to come enjoy a time with their friends and Youth Fam from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM and we will close the building by 9:00 PM. Students are encouraged to hang out before and after services to connect and build relationships with their peers and Northview Youth Leaders.

We hate to see students leave Northview Youth upon reaching the anticipated and tremendous milestone they have been longing for: GRADUATION. We do allow our seniors to attend through the summer, but we highly encourage all seniors that have recently graduated to begin attending and getting plugged into Summer Chi Alpha. Details on how seniors can become involved through Summer Chi Alpha can be found here.