Our mission is simple: to create opportunities for people to know Jesus and become like Him!


Core Values

Jesus [is our foundation]

While trends and methods change, our message is centered around Jesus Christ. His death, resurrection, and promise of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives makes all the difference.

See John 4:12

Together [is what we’re about]

We look forward to being together for the purpose of life-giving conversations and activities. We desire that people who visit Northview would feel seen and part of the family. Simply put, building Christlike character is more fun when we are together.

See Acts 4:32

Bringing Our Best [is what we do]

We see ourselves as more than church-goers. We ARE the church and serve others to the best of our ability. Being welcoming, visible, and engaged is our joy. Worshipping passionately, leading faithfully, and being thankful for spiritual authority are our calling.

See Colossians 3:23-24

Servant Leadership [is our passion]

We can’t save anybody, but we can serve everybody. As we serve people, God changes people. We see ourselves as a church that would cause sadness if we closed our doors since our heart for the city is seen and felt. We constantly celebrate volunteers in positions of church leadership, realizing that Jesus himself embraced the nature of a servant.

See Mark 10:45

Family Focused [is who we are]

Family relationships characterize our past and can shape our future. We are a people who value “doing family” God’s way in each stage of life. We look to the Bible, the character of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit to help us. It should go without saying, but we LOVE kids and grandkids at Northview.

See Joshua 24:15

Generosity [is our privilege]

We are a people who give to expand God’s kingdom with hearts of appreciation and anticipation. We are generous with our time, talent, and treasure. God showed his love for the world by giving his Son, Jesus, the most generous gift of all. In response, it is a privilege for us to give back to God and his work in our region.

See 2 Corinthians 9:6-8